Tuesday, September 8, 2009

::Reunion Cuppies::

Hey y'all.. last Saturday my new project was to make cuppies for my Malurian buddies from skool. My guess not to go so wild this time.. Just stick to 3-4 designs.. As usual will make the normal flavours Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate Chips & Marble.

::M&M Galaxy::
this once was fun, had green vanilla buttercream icing
with drops of colorful beads & of course M&M as the centre piece.

::Drop of Rainbow::
This was even simple, a spread of vanilla buttercream
and drops of rainbow beads

::Rose Swirls::
A swirl of green vanilla buttercream icing and there u have it..

::Spiky Pink::
A spread of vanilla base buttercream icing, and some spiky pink to top it off..

Thanks to all my Malurian friends for letting me share this sweetness with all of you.. Wish u all the best in many years to come.

Until Then, TTYS;

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