Sunday, September 13, 2009

::I'm Back Cuppies::

Hey y'all.. hari projek lain daripada yg lain.. Coz order nie comes from a dear friend@officemate of mine.. Kak Sue.. She has been on medical leave since 09th Decemeber 2008 due to a broken leg.. Sian dia, jatuh masa Raya Haji kat Segamat, Johor rumah in-law.. Apa nak kata, malang x berbaukan.. Alhamdulillah after a very very long therapy & physio, she is gaining strength to walk again.. Alhamdulillah.. Yang penting semangat and usaha.. Mmg tangga kejayaan..

So to celebrate this moment, she has assign a task for me.. What else a comeback cuppies of course for all her co-mate who have supported her all this while.. Eventhough she didn't have too, but kak sue ni sorg yg pemurah hati.. Sentiasa and suka memberi kepada kawan2 dia..

So, this around dia nak buat "I'm Back" cuppies to celebrate her return to work.. So, I'm assign to produce 36pc of chocolate & marble cuppies.. Coated with buttercream icing colored pink, yellow & blue.. With a writting "I'm Back" in purple.. and a pinch of rainbow beads for the finishing touch.. The cuppies were to be boxed individually.. So, I found the cutest box for the cuppies..

::Chocolate & Marble Flavour::

::I'M BACK::
Base with buttercream icing colored Pink, Blue & Yellow
with Purple writting

::Packed in invidually::
The cuppies were boxed individually in Golden Thank You Butterfly Boxes.

::Topped with Golden Butterfly::
For individual boxing such as above cost 40sen/box
Thank you to Kak Sue for giving me this opportunity to surve you these cuppies. Wish you all the best and get well soon.. Hope the cuppies are as you requested.
Until then, TTYS

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